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Welcome to Destiny Guns, where we specialize in creating the most authentic and finely crafted replicas in the industry. We’re excited to present our latest masterpiece: the Destiny 2 Ace of Spades Last Hand replica. A magnificent recreation, our Ace of Spades Last Hand gun symbolizes the pinnacle of craftsmanship and design, ensuring that enthusiasts and collectors experience the extraordinary detail and authenticity they deserve.


Full-scale replica with moving trigger, hammer, and drum.

Authenticity that Stands Out

In the world of replicas, authenticity makes all the difference. Our Ace of Spades gun replica has been meticulously designed to mirror the iconic firearm seen in Destiny 2. Every curve, color, and detail has been carefully replicated, ensuring that the Last Hand Ace of Spades gun feels as real as it looks. It’s not just a replica; it’s a true homage to the iconic weapon, allowing you to experience a piece of Destiny 2 in a tangible form.

Supreme Craftsmanship

Craftsmanship is at the heart of our products. The Destiny 2 Ace of Spades replica is crafted from high-quality PLA material, ensuring durability and longevity. The meticulous attention to detail in the design and manufacturing process ensures that each Ace of Spades Last Hand gun replica stands as a hallmark of quality and precision, making it a must-have addition for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Customization to Personalize Your Replica

We understand the desire to own something truly unique. That’s why we offer customization options like initials engraving on your Ace of Spades gun replica. This personalized touch allows your Last Hand Ace of Spades gun to be a unique piece that resonates with your individuality, making it a special asset in your collection.

Display Options

Displaying your replica should be as flexible as your preferences. We offer options to purchase the Ace of Spades Last Hand gun replica with or without a stand. This allows you to choose how you want to showcase your piece, ensuring it gets the presentation it deserves, whether on a stand or in a personalized setting.

Perfect for a Gift

Looking for a memorable and impressive gift? The Destiny 2 Ace of Spades replica emerges as a thoughtful and cherished present, perfect for fans and collectors alike. Its remarkable presence, coupled with the ability to customize, ensures that it’s not just a gift but a memorable token that speaks volumes of thoughtfulness and appreciation.

Why Choose Destiny Guns?

Choosing Destiny Guns means choosing unparalleled quality and service. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every Ace of Spades gun replica you purchase meets the highest standards of authenticity and craftsmanship. Additionally, our customer-focused approach means we’re here to support you every step of the way, ensuring that your experience is as remarkable as the replicas we create.

Don’t Miss Your Chance!

The Destiny 2 Ace of Spades Last Hand replica is not just another collectible; it’s a testament to quality, authenticity, and craftsmanship, promising to be a prized possession in any collection. So, don’t miss the opportunity to own a meticulously crafted piece of the Destiny 2 experience and get yours today!


No Stand, With Stand

90 reviews for Ace of Spades Last Hand

  1. Tommy Streich

    This review has no content.

  2. Hayden Schmitt

    This review has no content.

  3. Caleb Finch Kiehn

    The prop was larger than I realized but all the inner workings worked and were nice. Very nice quality

  4. Sam Frami

    Super fast shipping, the print quality is great, and the seller was quick to respond to my questions after delivery! Five stars all around.

  5. Zachary Stokes

    I just got this in today and its honestly even better than i expected, my only complaint
    (Which is very small) is that the part that flips out is very loose so it just kinda flips on its own if you tilt the gun to the left slightly. However it is so worth the money even with that. The customer service from this seller is fantastic as well, I asked about a minor delay in the shipping and the very next day it was shipped out and on its way. 10/10 would definitely buy more if I plan to do more destiny or star wars cosplays

  6. Alex Henry Daugherty

    This review has no content.

  7. Michael Prohaska

    This review has no content.

  8. Jessen Leannon

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  9. Michael Denesik

    This review has no content.

  10. Andre Zulauf

    This review has no content.

  11. Chance Boehm

    This review has no content.

  12. Davionta Barrows

    This review has no content.

  13. Jeremy Hoskins Bartoletti

    Amazing quality, feels good in the hand, and looks just as good as the in game model

  14. Aidan Conn

    Oh yeah baby it’s good

  15. Matt Weimann

    This review has no content.

  16. Konner Kohler

    This review has no content.

  17. Armando Barton

    the quality of the item is fantastic.
    the item did match the description, but I did receive the Eyasluna stand instead it not a big deal just letting y’all know.
    the item exceeded my expectations, I really love it!

  18. Grachy Effertz

    Received the item promptly and looks great.

  19. Erikku Bogisich

    This review has no content.

  20. Kyle Collins

    It was exactly as pictured and looks great on display. Would totally recommend to any fan of the ace of spades or cayde himself.

  21. Hunter Gottlieb

    Great quality, quick and amazing shipping time. Overall fantastic piece.

  22. Joshua Bednar

    This review has no content.

  23. Noah Mante

    Absolutely beautiful! This is just how I imagined it would look. Super happy about it.

  24. Tim Rowe

    This review has no content.

  25. Kyle Zboncak

    High quality prop print and fast delivery!

  26. Karen Kunze

    Good quality, has movable parts. Very well done.

  27. Juan Vonrueden

    Arrived very quickly and it looks great! Makes for a great display piece.

  28. Leon Gleichner

    This review has no content.

  29. Valentin Jacobi

    This item was a gift for my friend that is a huge Destiny 2 player and he absolutely loved it. 11/10 recommend this!!!

  30. Jorge Borer

    Came just like the picture! Loved it and was my first buy from etsy and will definitely buy more!

  31. Elijah Prosacco

    I can’t help but hold this thing every chance I get. This is like the best I’ve ever gotten!!

  32. Jacob Sawayn

    This review has no content.

  33. Michael Simonis

    This review has no content.

  34. Cody Schroeder

    The item came when expected and was better than I expected!

    If you’re a Destiny fan or just a gun enthusiasts I recommend this as part of your collection!

  35. Sakib Kohler

    This review has no content.

  36. Shadow Koch

    I was expecting a rough non-sanded 3d printed replica with mediocre paint or colors parts as I’ve had some bad luck in the past but damn lemme tell you.
    The polish and the red parts and how smooth the gun was, the beautiful shade of red they used, and to top it all off it has a moving trigger and hammer, which was an exciting surprise as it wasn’t advertised (or I missed it lol)
    100/10, plan on buying again

  37. William Dicki

    This review has no content.

  38. Lotus Braun

    I was surprised at the size of the prop, it’s way bigger than I imagined but it’s really flashy and a great addition to my destiny cosplay. The seller was very communicative and helpful too

  39. Jennifer Greenholt

    Beautiful piece, very well made.

  40. John Stiedemann

    This review has no content.

  41. Skiler Oakley Mitchell

    Amazing all around. I have no doubts that my older brother will love this for his birthday. High quality moving parts an amazing display/cosplay item 10/10 would recommend.

  42. Blanca Kuvalis

    My nephew loved it. Great item!

  43. Des Larson

    Absolutely incredible! My boyfriend loved it! Thank you! 10000/10

  44. Natalie Schimmel

    Boyfriend loves it! Great gift it was larger than expected.

  45. Dylan Nolan

    This review has no content.

  46. Richard Swaniawski

    This review has no content.

  47. Spade Walsh

    The gun was above and beyond “well” made, and exceeded both mine and my friend’s expectations. Very cleanly assembled and printed (Note: no assembly was required for the gun I purchased). Overall amazing purchase, will be buying again from here.

  48. Logan Stroman

    This review has no content.

  49. Heather Mcclure

    Absolutely worth the purchase. Received item quickly my son loves his gift. We ordered another!

  50. Matthew Quitzon

    Truly a great experience. This was my first time ordering something on etsy, and I was definitely nervous. The seller not only addressed my concerns but promptly shipped me exactly what was advertised. Great product, great seller, great experience.

  51. Raquel Kemmer

    This review has no content.

  52. Alex Gottlieb

    Great product. My son loves it

  53. Megan Wiza

    Great product. Bigger than I expected. My son loves it.

  54. Kay Jacobs

    I got this as a gift for a friend and I love it so much that I don’t even want to give it to him. It’s great and turned out a lot better than expected. I have bad luck when ordering things but this? THIS WAS GORGEOUS.

  55. Javier Miller

    Feels good in my hand, chamber snaps nicely in and out, trigger and hammer move. Stand looks awesome on my PC, gun scratches that hand cannon/revolver reload itch. 10/10 worth

  56. Aj Robel

    This review has no content.

  57. Kate Willms

    This review has no content.

  58. Jocelyn Murphy

    The quality is wonderful!! Shipping was fast! Our son loves it!!

  59. Damian Funk

    Great quality and the item exceeded my expectations.

  60. Ari Wilson Renner

    This review has no content.

  61. Sharon Jacobs

    Amazing product. Way bigger than I thought but still amazing.

  62. Deidre Williams Boyle

    This review has no content.

  63. Esai Ebert

    This review has no content.

  64. Jasmine Defoor White

    This review has no content.

  65. Ashlynn Marquardt

    I got this as a present for my boyfriend and he absolutely loves it!

  66. Deeb Halvorson

    This review has no content.

  67. Irondriftyt Klein

    I absolutely love this piece. Looks fantastic, however, a little disappointed it didn’t come with a bullet (even though it was listed to) to go in this empty chamber, but, for $80 i’m satisfied

    (edit) the shop owner did send me the bullet that i was missing. fantastic customer service!

  68. Efren Ziemann

    This review has no content.

  69. Marlon Hills

    Great item, awesome finish, perfect size, all over a well made item. RIP Cayde-6 🙏🏿

  70. Captainhaiden Mueller

    This review has no content.

  71. Dylan Abbott

    This review has no content.

  72. Byrdman Tromp

    Shipped quickly, feels amazing, looks amazing. Literally 0 complaints from me!

  73. Eli Franecki

    This was exactly like the picture and was safely packaged and got here in one piece

  74. Curtis Wunsch

    This review has no content.

  75. Hayden Blake Silvers Stroman

    This review has no content.

  76. Brody Bartell

    Incredibly fast shipping and an amazing prop piece for a collection

  77. Maria Parisian

    Great quality item, and it arrived super fast! I bought it as a birthday gift, and they loved it!

  78. El Sauce Ward

    this came so much faster than i thought it wouldve, ordered it sunday and it came wednesday, not to mention it looks so good

  79. Giantdad Reilly

    This review has no content.

  80. Bat Lubowitz

    This review has no content.

  81. Brendan Legros

    This review has no content.

  82. Dame Slayer West

    Amazing gift, he loves it.

  83. Colton Quigley

    This review has no content.

  84. Destiny Elliott Hand

    This is so amazing to see in person! I bought it for my brother for his birthday, and I’m so excited to see his reaction. It’s also way bigger than I expected it to be!

  85. Raini Schuster

    Looks super cool! Got it for my boyfriend and he loves it! Everything moves smoothly and the stand is perfect!

  86. Xavier Gusikowski

    This review has no content.

  87. Michael Stefanick Donnelly

    This review has no content.

  88. Eric Dean Prohaska

    This review has no content.

  89. Marc Powlowski

    Soo good loved it so much

  90. Kadin Braun

    It looks amazing, I am sure my friend is gonna love it!

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