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Are you a dedicated Destiny 2 player looking to take your gaming experience to the next level? Look no further than the Thorn Destiny 2 replica, available for sale now. This hand cannon is a true game-changer, and we’re here to tell you why.


Full-scale replica with moving trigger, hammer, and drum.

Thorn Destiny 2 Replica: Unleash Your Power

Thorn Destiny 2 replica is not just any ordinary weapon; it’s a symbol of strength and precision, designed to enhance your gameplay in every way. Whether you’re a seasoned Guardian or just starting your journey, this legendary hand cannon will give you the edge you need.

Why Choose Thorn Destiny 2 Replica?

  • Unmatched Accuracy: Thorn’s exceptional accuracy and precision make it the perfect choice for long-range battles. Take down your enemies with pinpoint accuracy and become a force to be reckoned with in Destiny 2.
  • Unique Design: Thorn’s intricate design is a true work of art, capturing the essence of Destiny 2. Holding this hand cannon in your hands is an experience in itself, and it’s now available for sale to collectors and gamers alike.
  • Powerful Perks: Thorn comes with a set of powerful perks that make it a standout choice for any Guardian. Its Mark of the Devourer perk not only damages your foes but weakens them over time, giving you a significant advantage in combat.
  • Unparalleled Reputation: Thorn has a formidable reputation in the Destiny 2 community. Equip this iconic weapon, and you’ll instantly gain the respect of your fellow Guardians.

Thorn Destiny 2 Replica for Sale: Get Yours Today

Don’t miss the chance to own the Thorn Destiny 2 replica. We have it available for sale now, and it’s a must-have for any Destiny 2 enthusiast. This hand cannon is crafted to perfection, and it’s ready to accompany you on your journey through the Destiny 2 universe.

Thorn Destiny Replica: A Collector’s Dream

For collectors and avid fans of Destiny 2, the Thorn Destiny replica is a true gem. Its attention to detail, faithful replication, and unique design make it a prized possession for any enthusiast. It’s not just a weapon; it’s a symbol of your dedication to the game.


Can I Use the Thorn Destiny 2 Replica in Actual Gameplay?

No, the Thorn Destiny for sale is not a functional weapon and cannot be used in actual gameplay. It is a collector’s item and a piece of art designed to pay homage to the Thorn hand cannon from the game. While it may not be used in-game, it’s a fantastic addition to your collection or a display piece for fans of Destiny 2.

How Can I Purchase the Thorn Destiny 2 Replica?

To purchase the Thorn Destiny replica for sale, you can visit our website or contact us directly. We offer a secure and convenient purchasing process. Simply select the product, add it to your cart, and follow the steps to complete your order. Our team is also available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about the purchase process.

Is the Thorn Destiny 2 Replica Suitable for Cosplaying or Display Purposes?

Yes, the Thorn Destiny 2 replica is ideal for cosplaying or as a display piece. Its intricate design and attention to detail make it a great addition to your collection or a perfect prop for cosplaying your favorite Destiny 2 character. Whether you’re a collector, cosplayer, or simply a fan of Destiny 2, the Thorn replica is a fantastic choice to showcase your passion for the game.


No Stand, With Stand

83 reviews for Thorn

  1. Bonnie Kassulke

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  2. Sealy Wisoky

    This review has no content.

  3. Tierney Kemmer

    Beautiful Print. NO DAMAGES OR MISTAKES! Moves more than I thought, perfect prop for a future cosplay

  4. Victoria Shamrock-Arballo Becker

    Surpassed expectations. Well crafted, shipped fast and looks amazing!

  5. Laura Schiller

    Great item. My husband loves it!

  6. Zikro’s Shanahan

    Got it for my dad for a Father’s Day gift, he loved it

  7. Nathaniel Schoen

    Beautifully made, fast shipping. Very happy with the purchase, thank you!

  8. Fred Kilback

    This review has no content.

  9. Kyle Kozey

    Love the quality and detail of my favorite exotic. Shipped extremely fast and was very well packaged. Will definitely buy more props from this store!

  10. Jade Labadie

    This review has no content.

  11. Brandon Jakubowski

    Good quality and looks amazing

  12. Sydney Rosenbaum

    This review has no content.

  13. Trenton Kassulke

    Came super fast, item was packed safely in the box, and the product looks incredible! Def will try to get myself another one soon!

  14. Carolina Wintheiser

    Such a nice item. Well made! My son loved it.

  15. Chris Moore

    This review has no content.

  16. Dawson Bernier

    This review has no content.

  17. John Jones

    This review has no content.

  18. Bob Nienow

    This review has no content.

  19. Natalie Tillman

    my partner is a total geek and told me they always wanted a replica of this gun so I found this one and they love it!!! 🙂 It’s super cool a stand is included as well. It looks awesome on their desk and I’m very pleased with this product overall

  20. Adham Hodkiewicz

    This review has no content.

  21. Michael Wolf

    Really awesome for Cosplay. It came in perfect condition, great quality and pretty fast shipping. If I feel the need for another Destiny Weapon I’ll be going to this seller again.

  22. Shayna King

    This review has no content.

  23. Adam Feest

    This review has no content.

  24. Aram Lang


  25. Kanna Kuhlman

    This review has no content.

  26. Kevin Krajcik


  27. Sam Parisian

    I got the thorn and sunshot hand cannons. The prints were both very high quality. The sunshot ‘magazine’ arm was a little loose and there was some very minor chipping on the thinnest edges of it of the underside ridges but, it is not noticeable unless you hold it up close for inspection. Neither of these were a problem for me at all and come with the territory of 3d prints. I’m highly satisfied with my purchase.

  28. Collin Adams

    This review has no content.

  29. Cody Graham

    This review has no content.

  30. Josh Blick

    This review has no content.

  31. Deondre Jacobson

    Absolutely killer! Can’t wait to display it for Neotropolis!

  32. Richard O’keefe

    This review has no content.

  33. Brandon Morissette

    Item came ahead of schedule and the team actually worked with me by printing extra bullets for a cosplay I’m working on.

    Weapon feels good in the hand, the trigger and hammer both work. I strongly recommend these folks for your 3D printed prop needs 🙂

  34. Edward Frami

    Awesome quality and shipping was super fast!

  35. Kevin Goldner

    This review has no content.

  36. Ana Kuvalis

    Got this for my boyfriends birthday, we are both huge destiny fans. The details on the prop are insane, makes a great addition to our collection! He absolutely loves it!

  37. Chris Reichert

    Awesome hand cannon replica. Great quality and detail. Great seller.

  38. Austin Cassin

    This review has no content.

  39. David Abernathy

    It is very nice to play with

  40. Michael Waelchi

    This review has no content.

  41. Michael Bogisich

    Love this gun. Thank You! 🙂

  42. Kira Ullrich

    Looks just like the photos

  43. Baylee Von

    This review has no content.

  44. Lucas Kautzer

    This review has no content.

  45. Will Wilkinson

    This thing is awesome! Very detailed and perfect for cosplay or decoration. Definitely came as pictured.

  46. Brandon Greenfelder

    The guardians are with them. very nice people

  47. Zach Russel

    This review has no content.

  48. Wornout Kling

    The seller was very understanding and made appropriate accommodations for me and still got my package out in a reasonable fashion. Amazing service and quality gun. Satisfactory weight and the bullet was an excellent touch. Getting the gun off the stand was a bit difficult but other than that I absolutely loved it

  49. Zach Hill

    Absolutely loved it. Put it up next to my mini thorn and it’s perfect

  50. Frog Zemlak

    The quality is great. It looks amazing. It shipped quickly and I got it way faster than I thought I would (less than a week).

  51. Tryst Russel

    This review has no content.

  52. Shiloh Halvorson

    This review has no content.

  53. Michael Waelchi

    Solid Size and very well made. i really love it.

  54. Tyler Towne

    The print quality was very nice and it looks and feels great!

  55. Jacob Greenfelder

    Thorn came looking exactly like it does in the Game. They forgot to ship out the stand as well, so I sent them a message and they promised to ship it out right away. Very happy.

  56. Gavin Gorczany

    Really cool. Good replication of the cannon. Good print quality. Shipped fast

  57. Mailliw Jast

    This review has no content.

  58. Christopher Leffler

    This review has no content.

  59. Alena Roob

    Package was missing the stand. The owner replied immediately to my email and shipped one out the next business day. A+ customer service.

  60. Jstkttn Hoeger

    This review has no content.

  61. Stuart Weber

    Arrived far earlier than expected – Superb quality as well.

  62. Clockwork Nader

    My husband loved it

  63. Kyah Kuvalis

    Bought for boyfriend, exactly like pictures and I also bought the stand. The stand is a nice thing to have as it balances the weapon and fits the theme. The extra bullet was a really cool addition and it was one of his favorite presents.

  64. Tanner Kertzmann

    Looks incredible, feels like great quality, cool functions of the cylinder, trigger, and hammer! Absolutely buy this for any Destiny fans!

  65. Anya Dickens

    This review has no content.

  66. Patrick Gaylord

    Love the quality and glad it came fast.

  67. Nikki Wolff

    This review has no content.

  68. Reyami Kreiger

    This review has no content.

  69. Jack Hill

    This review has no content.

  70. Ben Senger

    This review has no content.

  71. Raymond Luettgen

    Awesome job will buy more

  72. Michael Sipes

    This review has no content.

  73. Libertad Wiza

    My son loved this replica. It was printed at highest quality, looks just like in the game.

  74. Devin Osinski

    This review has no content.

  75. Christopher Friesen

    This review has no content.

  76. Kayla Bosco

    This review has no content.

  77. Cameron Langosh

    The item was so much more then amazing then expected

  78. Gage Morrison Schaden

    Incredible work, and was shipped very fast

  79. Dimpleo Stamm

    This review has no content.

  80. Mike Swift

    Was shipped really well just took a little longer than expected.

  81. Brittney Schuster

    It’s wonderful quality! Thank you!

  82. Derek Hoppe

    This review has no content.

  83. Christina Cartwright

    Great quality, and arrived sooner than I expected!

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